Credit Card Guide For Beginners

Credit cards 101

Credit is the ability to get goods or services on the promise that the amount will be paid back at a later date. A credit card is a small plastic rectangle that allows you to make these purchases and are issued to you by a bank or business; but exactly how does a credit card … Read more

The Different Types Of Money

Chalkboard lesson showing the 5 types of money

There are 5 different types of money in the world: Fiat, commodity, representative, fiduciary, and commercial bank money. They also all have three functions in common; they serve as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, and as a unit of account. What is money? In economics, money is simply something generally accepted … Read more

12 Parts Of A Check Labeled & Explained

The Parts of a Check and How to Write One Feature Image

However infrequently it happens, there are still times when we have to know how to write a check. And so, I will use this check sample to teach you what I know about the parts of a check and how to use one.  When I was growing up, I learned how to balance a checkbook … Read more