8 Best DIY Home Security Ideas

DIY Home Security Ideas

This post will show the best DIY home security ideas for military families; however, they are great ideas for anyone that needs an inexpensive or portable security system! Okay, so here’s what happened: We PCS’d (aka moved) to a new state and found a home to rent in a quiet little neighborhood. It was a … Read more

Cheap But Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

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The holidays are coming up and I’m already feeling the stress. I want to spread the cheer and give a gift to everyone, but that can get expensive! Luckily, you can find something for everyone on your list with these cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts.  Best of all, most of these gifts are under $10! … Read more

How To Do Acrylic Nails On A Budget

Manicured hands with the title, "DIY nails for $7!"

To be honest, I do not like wearing acrylic nails at all; it feels too unnatural to me. I prefer to wear my own nails and just paint them; however, the paint usually chips off quickly. So, when there is a special occasion or if I’m going on vacation, I like to get acrylic on … Read more

7 Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

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Exploring home remedies for colds and flu can be a wonderful cost-effective approach to feeling better. In my experience, these methods have proven not only budget-friendly but also quite effective! Growing up in a bustling Caribbean household amidst the countryside, I did not grow up taking much conventional medication. For me, a comforting cup of … Read more