How Many Work Weeks In A Year? 2023 Update

Calculating the number of weeks you work per year isn’t a simple answer that fits all. There are 52 work weeks in a year; however, it is shortened depending on different factors.

It varies by person depending on the number of vacation time, sick days, holidays, and any other days you receive off from your employer. If you work an atypical or flexible job, this can also affect the weeks in which you are on the job.

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Weeks Worked In A Year

There are 365 days in a year and divided by the 7 days a week, there are 52.14 work weeks in a year.

  • Works Weeks in a year: 52 weeks

However, this doesn’t take into account the possible vacation days, paid holidays, paid time off (PTO), and sick time. The average amount of work hours in a year is 2080, but if you receive the typical:

  • 10 Paid Federal holidays (80 hours)
  • 80 Hours PTO

2080 work hrs – 80 hrs (holidays) – 80 hrs (PTO) = 1920 hours

That leaves 1,920 hours that you are actually working, which translates to 48 work weeks in a year minus holidays and other PTO.

1920 hours divided by 40 hours per week = 48 weeks

It all comes down to when you request time off. It’s possible to work at least a few days every week of the year, or you could finesse it to have whole weeks off.

Again, you could also be working more or fewer weeks depending on the structure and benefits of your employer.

How Many Weekly Pay Periods Are In A Year?

You may be thinking that since there is a max of 52 work weeks, there are 52 pay periods as well. However, this is inaccurate.

It was mentioned previously that there are 52.14 weeks when not rounded down, therefore there are sometimes 53 weekly pay periods in a year. For a better understanding, read more about how many pay weeks in a year.

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