Healthy Budget Grocery List For Two: $200/Month

Do you go to the store for one item and end up with a whole cart? That’s how I used to shop until I started this healthy budget grocery list. 

What is worse is…. I used to grocery shop multiple times PER WEEK, so imagine how many extra things I was picking up! 

My husband and I created a budget that had a $300 monthly grocery budget for two, but we would wind up going over that frequently with the extra items we picked up. And to top it all off, the food we didn’t eat would end up spoiling.

Image of $200/month groceries

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We changed two major things to get our budget under control:

  1. We do the bulk of our shopping once per month. Then, we’ll go back mid-month to get the fruits and vegetables that don’t last long.
  2. Meal planning! We have a weekly meal plan and use that to build the shopping list. This way, we aren’t buying things that go unused.

I think we are doing pretty well now with our budget. 

$200 A Month Grocery List For 2 Adults

Though we can spend up to $300 per month, our basic, cheap, monthly grocery list for 2 is closer to $200 per month. That brings the average weekly food budget for two to $50. WOW!

The USDA food budget for 2 people our age is $93.50 to $185.90 weekly. Or, $405.30 to $805.70 monthly based on a nutritious diet at 4 different cost levels. View the current USDA grocery budget here.

With this healthy grocery list for two, we’ve also been able to lose a lot of weight. We’ve been counting calories and sticking to serving sizes. 

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Though we may not get the recommended amount of each food group, I am happy with the health-conscious changes we’ve made.

What’s not included?

I did not include the bulk items we buy every few months (or yearly) such as:

  • 7lb Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal (88 Servings): $8.99 and 0.10/serving
  • 13lb Brown Rice (120 Servings): $13.89 and 0.12/serving
  • 4.5lb Organic Quinoa (46 Servings): $10.49 and 0.23/serving
  • Spices (I buy in bulk about once per year or more)
  • Condiments
  • Pasta noodles (A large pack we’ve had for over a year)
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Organic Green Tea (176 Count): $8.98
  • Our sins aka snacks: Low-calorie popcorn, mini chip bags, etc. Shhh!

These are the basic things we buy each month. Hopefully it can give you an idea of what to buy for groceries.


Image of Organic bell pepper price
  • (4) 1lb 98% Ground Beef: $5.47 each
  • 60 Eggs: $4.75
  • (4) Turkey Bacon: $2.94 each
  • (2) Turkey Pepperoni: $2.26 each
  • (2) Almond Milk: $3.82
  • Shredded Cheese: $1.98
  • Singles Cheese: $1.48
  • Coffee Creamer: $3.48
  • Sour Cream: $1.77
  • (2) Organic Spring Mix: $3.66
  • Olive Garden Dressing: $6.78
  • (2) Organic Bell Pepper: $2.96
  • (2) Organic Grape Tomatoes: $1.96
  • 4lb Onions: $3.92
  • Organic Celery: $2.96
  • Organic Baby Carrots $1.46
  • 3lb Organic Potatoes $3.96
  • (2) Crushed Pineapples: $0.98
  • (2) Organic Tomato Paste: $0.72
  • (2) Vegetarian Baked Beans: $1.58
  • Taco Shells – 12 count: $1.74
  • Cereal: $3.64
  • Waffles: $2.38

Total: $109.82


Image of 40 calorie bread 647 Old Tyme
This bread is a bit pricey, but it’s only 40 calories per slice!
  • 10lb Chicken Breast: $18.29
  • Crumbled Feta Cheese: $7.49
  • Coffee: $10.99
  • (2) 647 Bread – 2 Pack: $5.99
  • Organic Pizza Kit – 4 Crusts: $8.59

Total: $57.34

Costco (About every other month)

  • Turkey Slices – 3 Pack: $9.89
  • 5lb Green beans: $6.79
  • 4lb Broccoli Florets: $6.99
  • 5lb Organic Mixed Veggies: $7.89
  • Guacamole Cups: $10.49 (When on sale)
  • 10lb Organic Cane Sugar: $7.99

Total: $50.04/2 = $25.02

I also buy $30 worth of ingredients to make burritos that I freeze every other month. 

That brings the grand total to: $207.18

TIP: The bread, bacon, guacamole cups, and turkey slices all keep well in the freezer for us. 

TIP#2: Use your shopping list and go through the fridge/cabinets to see what you need before going to the grocery store. Or else, you might end up buying something you already have. We don’t use every item, so we sometimes spend less if it’s not needed that month.

Image of a healthy grocery list

How Can You Spend Less Money On Food?

Of course, it’s possible to save more money and cut the grocery bill by buying non-organic and meat that isn’t as lean.

If you noticed, we don’t typically buy juice. I like to make a probiotic drink, called water kefir, which requires sugar and can be flavored in any way. And we get all the water we need from our Berkey water filter.

We also save a lot by not buying many pre-packaged and processed foods.

Other ways to save money on groceries:

  • Couponing
  • Shop for items on sale
  • Use cash-back apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51
  • Buy generic brands
  • Don’t shop while hungry. I’m always tempted to pick up extra this way.
  • Meat is expensive! Try eating meals without it sometimes
  • Don’t stick to one store, shop around for better prices.

$50 Weekly Meal Plan

Image of budget chicken recipe dinner for two
This chicken and veggies dinner is only about $1.56 per serving and 222 calories. It’s deliciously seasoned with lemon juice and other seasonings.

Now that we’re done buying groceries on a budget, what are we going to eat?

I try to create a cheap, healthy meal plan by looking at the serving sizes and counting calories. Here are many more healthy meals to eat on a budget.


  • Eggs, bacon, toast/waffles
  • Avocado toast and eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal
Image of waffle and eggs


  • Turkey sandwich
  • BLT
  • Salad
  • Guacamole on toast
  • Burrito
  • Veggies and dip
Image of cheap salad
Cheap salad recipe that’s so simple and tastes delicious


  • Chicken, rice, and veggies
  • Burger: We shape our own 4oz patties and use the 40 calorie bread.
  • Tacos
  • Chicken and baked beans
  • Chicken and potatoes
  • Pineapple chicken
  • Salad: Spring mix, onions, Olive Garden dressing, grape tomatoes, feta cheese
  • Pizza: Once every week? Yes please! Toppings: Turkey pepperoni, onion, bell peppers, optional: cheese
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Pasta
Image of cheap homemade tacos
Cheap and delicious soft chicken tacos

Yummy! I’m not a food photographer, but these meals sure look (and tasted) DELICIOUS! Sometimes we switch it up a bit and swap out grocery items for the month. But we mainly stick to the same cheap grocery list and meal plan.

For more cheap dinner ideas, check out my other post: Cheap Meals Under $10 for 6 People

What does your healthy budget grocery list look like? Can you do a $200 a month grocery list? Budgeting food for a month instead of shopping more frequently was the key that made a difference for us.

Image of healthy grocery budget pin

21 thoughts on “Healthy Budget Grocery List For Two: $200/Month”

  1. I love the grocery list list, I’m looking to join BJs so I can save some money and buy in bulk and hopefully lose this 60 pounds of weight that is slowing me down due to my illness of multiple sclerosis

    • Thank you! This is the grocery list I’ve used to lose weight without exercising much. Good luck! And if you have time, please let me know how the savings at BJs compare to mine. I believe they do 30day free passes sometimes as well.

    • @Liz, I also have MS, diagnosed in 2015 but the neurologist said I had it at least 10 years prior to diagnosis. In the past year me and husband have went low carb, mostly water to drink and smaller portions. I took saxenda for 5 months and phentermine for 2 months. In that time with minimal exercise I’ve lost 60 pounds and in 2 years my husband has lost 125 pounds. I’m still trying but as you know, MS drains any energy you may have and I have cognitive difficulties. Stick with the weight loss, it CAN be done.

  2. Awesome job!
    This is so doable if people would just focus on why they want to do this ( save money to get out of debt, buy something, vacation, limited income…)
    For 6 years (2008-2014) my husband and I spent $150/month with purchases such as yours.
    There is no need to forgo edible luxury but it needs to be planned for.
    We would go to Sprouts and ask for 4 of the VERY BEST Giant Scallops and laugh at the looks we would get!
    Keep up the great work!!!

    • That’s great! We don’t forget to treat ourselves occasionally either. I used to shop at Sprouts too and miss it since moving. It was cheaper to get the exact amount that we needed from the bulk bins.

      Thank you!

  3. How do you keep the broccoli florets and mixed veggies from Costco fresh all month long? Are these fresh bags or frozen bags?

    • Hi Carly, they are frozen bags of vegetables. By the way, I used to think this wasn’t as healthy. However, I learned that they are sometimes more nutritious than fresh foods that have been sitting in trucks and shelves wilting and losing their nutritional value!

    • Hi David. It’s about 1200 (losing weight) to 1700 (maintaining). Most of those extra calories were cut by not buying so much sugar, snacks, & junk food.

  4. This is exactly the inspiration I needed! I spend over a $1,100 per month on our family of 4 plus an average of $400/mo at Sam’s Club! I really want to get it down to $800-$1000 total and was wondering if it would be possible to do so and still eat (mostly) organic. I am going to put in the effort to do the planning. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m sure you will succeed if you put your mind to it, good luck! Shopping without a plan has always been the most destructive habit for my grocery budget.

  5. Thank you for sharing! This grocery list is so helpful. I’ve been tracking grocery spending and doing well but there’s always room for improvement.

  6. How does your spring mix, tomatoes all stay good if you’re only buying once a month? My spring mix is usually bad if I don’t use in a week or two


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