The Meaning Behind Your Left-Hand Itching: Money Or Medical?

Have you ever experienced an inexplicable itching sensation in your left hand? Perhaps it started as a mild annoyance, but as time passed, you couldn’t help but wonder if it carried a deeper meaning and may even be an omen.

As children, we often hear tales and traditions passed down from our elders, enriching our understanding of the world around us. From black cats crossing your path to broken mirrors, people have sought signs and omens in the everyday occurrences that surround them. One such intriguing belief that I encountered during my upbringing was the notion that your left palm itching means money coming into your life.

While some dismiss it as mere coincidence or baseless folklore, others hold onto the belief and hope of wealth. Regardless of where you stand, let’s explore the captivating superstition surrounding your left-hand itching and the auspicious promise of prosperity it holds.

Itching palm of left hand with overlaid title: Is your left hand  itching?

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The Medical Causes of Itchy Palms

According to reputable medical sources like MedlinePlus, itchy skin can be attributed to various health conditions such as:

  • Dry skin
  • Skin damage
  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Diseases such as diabetes or shingles
  • Liver, kidney, or thyroid diseases

Treatment options may include moisturizing creams, antihistamines, or cold compresses. It is recommended to contact a medical professional if you believe your symptoms warrant it.

The Mythical Interpretation

On the other hand, spiritual people believe that itchy hands are an omen of good or bad luck. According to different cultures around the world, one palm itching symbolizes that you will receive money, and the other means you will lose money.

Based on a research study by YouGov, only about 1 in 4 Americans believe in superstitions, with most of them ranging from age 25 to 34. So, if you’re not among the superstitious few, rest assured that itchy hands may simply be… well, itchy hands.

The results of a poll on whether or not people believe in superstitions.
I conducted a poll on this website to gauge people’s beliefs in superstitions. These are the results.

While exploring the superstitions surrounding this, it’s important to note that these beliefs are rooted in cultural traditions and personal anecdotes rather than scientific evidence. While some people find meaning and comfort in these superstitions, it’s essential to approach them with an understanding that they are based on belief and not verifiable facts.

What Does It Mean When Your Left-Hand Itches?

According to my wise young mother, the left-hand itching means you are about to come into some money.

Left to receive, right to give—such is the belief.

The fortune heading your way can manifest in various forms and amounts.

It might be stumbling upon a shiny quarter on the ground, winning a colossal lottery jackpot, receiving a sudden offer for that long-dormant item you’ve been trying to sell online, or even landing an unexpected raise at work. The possibilities are endless if you believe.

Of course, I wouldn’t advise making any hasty life decisions solely based on an itching left palm, but it’s worth noting that this whimsical superstition has worked out well for some fortunate souls. Take the captivating story of Mary Shammas, for instance.

Mary Shammas won 64 million dollars in 2010. She was riding the bus home in Brooklyn, New York when she had a very itchy left hand. So, she got off the bus and went to buy a lottery ticket.

In 2010, while riding a bus home in Brooklyn, New York, Mary felt an incessant itch in her left hand. She heeded the call of fate, disembarked from the bus, and purchased a lottery ticket. And oh, how her intuition proved right!

That night, she became a millionaire, winning a staggering 64 million dollars using her favorite lottery numbers (5, 14, 17, 19, 24, & 25). Fox News even reported this remarkable tale!

Money (3 Quarters) in Left Hand

On the other hand, my mother also let me know that the fortunate hand for each person is different. To discover yours, pay attention to what unfolds in the days following your itchy palm experience.

Moreover, it is believed that having someone scratch your lucky palm with their opposite hand enhances fortune. Meaning, if your left hand is itching, you should have someone scratch it for you with their right hand. You can also increase your luck by scratching it against a piece of wood.

What Does Itching In The Right Hand Mean?

Now, let’s turn our attention to the unfortunate symbol… If the other hand is lucky, then your right-hand itching could symbolize that you are about to lose money.

It might coincide with when regular bills are due or unforeseen expenses pop out of nowhere. This means your car could suddenly break down or your refrigerator isn’t running and you have to catch that repairman to fix it (Ha Ha! Sorry I’m not very funny).

In some cultures, the interpretation is also influenced by gender. It is believed the right hand itching is unlucky for females while signaling good fortune for males. Keep reading to find out more.

This serves as a gentle reminder about the importance of saving money to prepare for such unforeseen events. Starting a budget and creating emergency savings are simple yet effective steps to safeguard your financial well-being.

Abundance check sample with gold border
Speaking of faith, let me share an intriguing anecdote. Before Jim Carrey rose to fame, he wrote a check to himself for 10 million dollars, labeling it as “acting services rendered” and postdated it 10 years later. And what do you think happened after a decade? He received a movie role that paid him exactly 10 million dollars! Perhaps you might find inspiration in these blank abundance checks if you wish to manifest your own financial dreams.

There is so much power in faith. To overcome doubts and maintain a positive outlook, take a look at these powerful financial affirmations for manifesting money through the law of attraction.

What Does Itchy Palms Mean In The Bible?

From a religious perspective, the notion of itchy palms carries some significance, as even the Bible offers insights on the subject. Let’s explore a couple of passages:

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” – (Matthew 6:3 New International Version (NIV))

This verse suggests a distinction between the actions of the left and right hand. One could interpret it as the right-hand giving and the left-hand receiving. However, another passage offers a different perspective:

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” – (Isaiah 41:13 New International Version (NIV))

Here, it appears that the right hand symbolizes both receiving assistance and providing comfort. It implies a sense of support and guidance from a higher power.

These contrasting passages could be seen as the right hand encompassing both giving and receiving. It suggests that receiving money can bring good fortune while giving money out of benevolence can also hold its own rewards. On the other hand, the left hand may represent potential loss or giving without charitable intent.

In Hinduism, the Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes good fortune, wealth, fertility, and prosperity. According to beliefs in India, when the left palm itches, it is believed to indicate the Goddess is leaving you. This aligns with the concept of the right to receive and the left to give.

However, it’s important to note that for females, the meaning of left-hand itching differs. For women, an itchy left palm is seen as a sign of forthcoming fortune, while the other hand may signify potential financial loss.

Maneki-neko cat to beckon money and elephant statue
In my home, I have a collection of lucky figurines. The cat is a Maneki-Neko, a Japanese beckoning cat figure, which is believed to bring good luck to its owner. During my travels to Hong Kong, I purchased one, and coincidentally or not, I received a job offer that very same week. You can acquire your own lucky cat statue online and see if it brings you a stroke of fortune as well.

What Are YOUR Itchy Palms A Sign Of?

Now, I turn the spotlight to you. What do you personally believe? Do you think the itching of your left or right hand signifies an impending stroke of monetary luck, or do you consider these notions mere old wives’ tales and superstitions? Share your thoughts and beliefs in the comments below; I’m eager to hear your perspective.

The results of a poll on which hand people believe is lucky when itching.
I recently concluded another poll among our valued readers to gather your thoughts on which hand you consider to be lucky. Here’s what you had to say!

Regardless of where you stand, it doesn’t hurt to believe in receiving good fortune. Sometimes, having a bit of optimism and belief in the possibilities can do wonders for our outlook.

Reflecting on past experiences, I can’t help but wonder if my itchy palm had sent a warning on the day I lost my wallet, or perhaps in the days leading up to that unfortunate event. Oh, how I wish for even the slightest forewarning to have taken extra care that day.

See my web story for a quick recap.

How your itchy palms could mean money with hand out and lucky clover

Other Superstitions about Body Parts

Curious about the meanings behind the itching of other body parts? Here are some other superstitions:

  • Itchy eyes: An itchy right eye is lucky, while an itchy left eye means bad luck.
  • Itchy chin: An itching chin is believed to precede significant life changes.
  • Lip itching: When your lips itch, it could mean someone is about to kiss you or that someone is speaking ill of you.
  • Itchy forehead: An itchy forehead can be interpreted as a sign of either luck or illness.
  • Itchy thumb: For some, thumbs itching is a foreboding sign of evil; however, it can also mean receiving money like the rest of your hand.
  • Left eyebrow itching: Both eyebrows itching is a good sign. By themselves, your right eyebrow itching can be a good sign of meeting someone, while the left eyebrow may mean meeting someone who wishes you ill.
  • Itchy index finger: An itching index finger is usually grouped in with the rest of your hand.
  • Itchy ring finger: If your ring finger itches, it could be a sign that you will soon enter into wedded bliss.
  • Itching feet: Having an itchy foot signifies an upcoming journey.
  • Itchy neck: An itching neck can signify an illness in your family.
  • Itchy back: This can signify a disappointment coming or a wrench thrown in your plans.
  • Right knee itching: An itchy right knee means you’ll have a happy journey, while your left knee itching means a bad journey is coming.
  • Itchy nose: Your nose itching means you’ll have company soon or meet a new person.
  • Itchy elbows: This can signify getting a new partner or developing a stronger relationship whether it’s romantic or work.
  • Itchy wrist: Itching wrists are a sign of losing or gaining money as well. It could also mean you need to set boundaries with people (right wrist) or relax and let nature happen (left wrist).

Other Money Superstitions

Now that you have a grasp of what itchy palms signify, let’s explore a few more intriguing money-related superstitions. From bizarre practices to signs and dreams, I’ve heard of many financial superstitions in my culture. Here are a few more superstitions associated with wealth:

1. Putting your purse on the floor

Don’t put your purse on the floor, it’s considered bad luck and you will lose money if you do so. Even if you don’t believe that, think about how dirty and full of germs the floor is!

It’s disrespectful to your money if you place it in such a place and must signal to the universe that you don’t value it.

2. Bird poop is good luck

Odd as it may sound, I grew up hearing that being anointed by a bird’s droppings is a sign of good luck and receiving money. Personally, I’m inclined to pass on this particular source of luck.

However, if such an incident were to occur, I may be inclined to test my luck.

3. Penny on the floor

If you come across a penny or any coin on the ground with its face up, tradition suggests picking it up and putting it in your pocket for good luck.

Conversely, if you find the coin with its tails up, it is believed that giving it away to someone immediately will bring you good luck.


These superstitions add a touch of whimsy and intrigue to our understanding of money-related beliefs. Whether you choose to embrace them or merely find them fascinating, they offer a glimpse into the colorful tapestry of human culture and its enduring fascination with matters of wealth and fortune.

21 thoughts on “The Meaning Behind Your Left-Hand Itching: Money Or Medical?”

  1. Since my left has been itching for a week now off and on I say there is money coming my way waiting for my fortune

    • When my right hand itches I know that I have money coming from someone and I get it not all the times but sometimes AND my left hand let’s me know that somebody getting mail whoever house I be at they get mail after my hand stop itching the mail comes right to their house


  3. My left Palm starter itching around midnight. I googled it and found your page. The funny part is tommorow which will be August 11 I’m selling my car and a check is coming my way . Wow I guess it works. Now I hope my fortune keeps going next winning the lottery.

  4. I Google search both hands itching and came across this site. My left hand has been itchy way more than my right hand. I wonder what this means when both hands itches, but one itches more and way longer. Bless me Lord!!!

    Also, I have a YouTube channel that I just started, and would love to gain subscribers who watches my funny videos.

    Thank you Martina!

    BTW, I did have my son to scratch my left hand with his right hand Hopefully that works!

  5. I had a dream someone was calling out numbers to me n since m not a person who gamble a lot a thought it was cellphone numbers till I told my sister n when we count is exactly 6 numbers now my left hand is been itching for a week now I believe I will win lottery I will play those numbers until.

    • My left hand started itching tonight and I already won 5th division in the lotto tonight… i knew the left hand itching was a sign of luck so i googled it to confirm and ended up here reading all the comments … I feel a little extra good luck is on its way … will come back here in 2 weeks or less if it is so … that will be plenty of time to know the outcome of my itchy left hand … Blessings to All

  6. My left hand itchy sometimes mean money a day or 2 later my right hand itchy means I’m about to give no ey out or get a handshake from someone l, I believe in these old wives tales they have worked for years….and if either of your feet is itchy means you will get a new pair of shoes or will go to a place you have never been before…hope this helps

  7. My left hand had been itching for a couple of weeks, and now my left hand so both are itching. I can expect a huge Windfall coming very soon!

  8. My right hand never has proven me wrong. My right hand always lets me know when money is coming my way. My left hand started itching this morning. I have noticed my left hand itching always means bad news on the way. This single momma of two cant take no more right now! Wish me the best

  9. Thank you for this message
    I’ve been worried ever since if my left hand itch cause I was told that I could lose money
    but now I believe that money is coming when my left hand itch
    hope it goes round the world, cause I’m from Nigeria
    best regards

  10. My experience has always been that when my right hand itch, I receive money. It happened to me a few weeks ago and I received a check I had no idea I was receiving. The important thing is that I did not scratch it. I did not scratch my right hand and I actually ignored it. My left hand itch everytime I have to pay out money.

  11. My right hand been scratching me since Sunday, fast forward Wednesday a $ twenty thousand check coming to me most of it paying off my bills though but it worked for me!!

  12. I stumble upon this website because I need an answer to what I have been expecting in a very long time. My left hand itches every time hubby gets his salary. It happened again today 30th 2020 at 4:20am. Hand-itch woke me up and I logged into our bank acct and his salary has been paid. This happens to me most of the time he gets paid. My question is what does his salary has to do with my itchy hand?
    Also, I never knew someone has to itch your itching hand with opposing hand. I usually itch it with my other hand.

    • Hello! The way I see it, your left hand itching meaning is money coming in even though it’s his salary. You two are married and a family, so it benefits the both of you.
      Also, getting your hand itched by someone else may or may not help, but you can always try it out!

  13. Hello Martina. So whem my left hand itches I know there is money coming that day and now when my right hand is itchy something bad does happen. Normally when my right hand is itchy my girlfriend and I get into fights and other things.

  14. I always experience both hands itching before receiving large sums of money. Today they both have been itching. I am learning to be more grateful as well as believing that I deserve every blessing that comes my way. I wonder what in the universe is working to make itchy hands a thing? I do know that all of these superstitions come from somewhere. Verrrry interesting indeed.

  15. My left hand itch means receiving while my right hand means giving out and I haven’t receive millions over in my life now I’m expecting millions but I don’t know how hard my left hand should itch before receiving the money because I can’t get any money without my left hand itches me. The question is how hard can I get the itch on my left hand before receiving millions which I know it’s coming soon but still waiting for the left hand to itch so hard.

  16. I think it’s true if your left hand or fingers itch then you get money and my finger was itching like crazy on my left hand today, I think that if your center left hand finger itch then you get a lot of money but it is connected to your hand goes straight to the palm yes it works ! it’s true !
    I don’t know why ?!! Normally I don’t believe in too much superstition but my Great Grandma used to tell us these things and I’ve been looking for it and somehow it happens
    so yay. I’m gonna get money next week …. I Will be looking for it :D,,
    ,,,,, I just gotta say thank you Jesus for your blessings in advance !


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