Saving money can be a challenge, especially when you’re just getting started.

But, it’s important to do it! Having a savings fund, especially an emergency fund, can be a blessing in times of unemployment and other unexpected expenses.

I’ve created these games so that you can put a fun twist on your savings! It will help motivate you to consistently put money away.

Stackopoly Savings Game

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Are you ready to start saving? Use this digital download to have fun doing it!

Simply roll a dice each week to see how much you’ll have to save!

Available as a pdf file to print.

Money Land Savings Challenge

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Saving money and enjoy doing it with this fun savings challenge. 

Use the chart how you would like to: 

There are a total of 70 squares. Each square can equal a week, a day, or a dollar amount. 

This digital download is available as a PDF in both Color and B&W.