Squirrel Away Money For The “Winter”

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If anything, these last few years have taught us why it’s important to squirrel away money while you can. Squirrels save food during the months when it’s plenty so that they can survive in the winter months of scarcity. Likewise, this phrase is an idiom about doing the same with money. Save money and “squirrel … Read more

How Many Work Weeks In A Year

Woman search on computer "how many work weeks in a year"

Calculating the number of weeks you work per year isn’t a simple answer that fits all. There are 52 work weeks in a year; however, it is shortened depending on different factors. It varies by person depending on the number of vacation time, sick days, holidays, and any other days you receive off from your … Read more

Cheap Moving Supplies List

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Here it is again, our 5th move in just as many years. I’ve picked up some knowledge along the way and I want to share it with you along with my inexpensive moving supplies list. A lot of these cheap packing supplies can be found in the store, but I will also show you the … Read more