8 Ideas For A Wonderful Christmas With No Money

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Thinking about having a Christmas with no money puts a damper on the festive spirit. However, there are many creative ways to celebrate the holidays with little to no money. Keep reading to see ways to celebrate for free and Christmas gift ideas. This post may contain affiliate links as a way to support the … Read more

The 5 Best Books About Money For Kids

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These are some of the best books about money for kids. They’ll help your children learn the finance basics to become adults unburdened by debt. Your child will spend over 6 years of their lives in school from K-12, yet personal finance isn’t taught during it at most schools. They’re taught what they need to … Read more

The Most Asked Financial Questions And Answers

Cartoon man with question mark and piggy bank: Title: The most asked financial questions and answers

No matter where you are in life, you’ll have questions about your money; it’s an important factor in the world. Not having the answers to these questions can cause undue stress. In fact, a 2022 survey by Bankrate and Psych Central found that 42% of adults had negative impacts on their mental health due to … Read more

How To Calculate Yearly Salary

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One of the first things I do when looking for a new job is to calculate the yearly salary that I would make. I also will want to know what that translates to monthly and after-taxes to figure out if that’s a livable wage. If that’s something important to you as well, here is how … Read more

How Many Pay Periods Are In A Year?

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When you’re starting a job, the most important details you want to know are all about the money. How much money will you earn? Will there be opportunities to earn more? But also… how often will you be paid? That last question depends on how many pay periods are in a year. Pay Periods In … Read more