How Many Work Weeks In A Year? 2023 Update

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Calculating the number of weeks you work per year isn’t a simple answer that fits all. There are 52 work weeks in a year; however, it is shortened depending on different factors. It varies by person depending on the number of vacation time, sick days, holidays, and any other days you receive off from your … Read more

Cheap Moving Supplies List

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Here it is again, our 5th move in just as many years. I’ve picked up some knowledge along the way and I want to share it with you along with my inexpensive moving supplies list. A lot of these cheap packing supplies can be found in the store, but I will also show you the … Read more

8 Ideas For A Wonderful Christmas With No Money

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Thinking about having a Christmas with no money puts a damper on the festive spirit. However, there are many creative ways to celebrate the holidays with little to no money. Keep reading to see ways to celebrate for free and Christmas gift ideas. This post may contain affiliate links as a way to support the … Read more

The 5 Best Books About Money For Kids

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These are some of the best books about money for kids. They’ll help your children learn the finance basics to become adults unburdened by debt. Your child will spend over 6 years of their lives in school from K-12, yet personal finance isn’t taught during it at most schools. They’re taught what they need to … Read more