This website was created with YOU in mind.

I see you, I see all of you and the struggles that you face on a daily basis.

There are too many people out there that are struggling to get by.

I say, no more!

No more will you be unable to afford the things you need.
No more will you make bad financial decisions.
No more will you just work until you die.

More Life, More Joy, and More Prosperity!

No matter your income, my goal is to help you:

  1. Budget
  2. Spend Less
  3. Save More
  4. Make More

Because we should all know, even the “rich” can end up poor if they’re not smart with their money. Stack Your Dollars with me to make a better tomorrow.

About Stack Your Dollars

Stack Your Dollars was created to help you make better personal finance decisions, save for your future, and live a debt-free lifestyle. The #1 mission of this website is to help others become financially stable and not feel stressed around the topic of money. From my personal experience and research, I share tactics that will help you live frugally and enjoy what life has to offer.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Martina! I am an artist, Financial Coach, certified cheapskate, military spouse, and the founder & CEO of Stack Your Dollars. I love helping others learn how to manage their finances and save more money. I’m not a financial advisor, but I’m a geek when it comes to doing research to share with you, as well as adding my own experiences and knowledge.

Throughout life, my personal goal has always been to never live paycheck to paycheck. I strive to live a lifestyle where I don’t have to check my bank account before buying something; and I’ve always done just that. With my first part-time job, I saved over $10,000 dollars in just two years!

Over the years, I’ve continued to find ways to always pay less than I need to, and save for what matters to me and my family (like traveling).

In 2015, I married into the military lifestyle. While there have been benefits to this, we share in the financial struggles as well.

One of the major struggles of a military spouse is securing a good job or career with the constant moves every 1-4 years. Due to this, we created a budget where we only live on one income. You can view my budget for living frugally this way in San Diego.

With my experiences navigating through military pay, deployments, PCSing, government shutdowns, and more, I aim to help fellow military families with these unique challenges that we face.

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