40 Ways To Live Cheaply: It’s Easy!

When you’re having trouble making it from paycheck to paycheck, it can seem hard or even impossible to keep your head above water. To help you out, I’ve channeled my inner cheapskate to put together this list of cheap living tips. They will hopefully help you live frugally and lower your monthly expenses!

These simple changes in your lifestyle, along with creating a budget, can end up saving you a lot of money every month. Even if you are already able to save money, there are ways to save even more.

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Just making your lunch to bring to work can save around $100 a month. Are you excited to make these changes? Well, let’s get started!

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Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, there are strategies you can use to lower your housing costs and keep more money in your pocket. So, let’s explore some of these tips together and see how you can make your housing expenses more manageable!

1. Negotiate rent

Always try to negotiate your rent, you might get lucky. In a rental I used to live in, I was able to negotiate it down to $90 per month! If you’re a great tenant with on-time payments, they might even lower it to keep you.

2. Downsize your home

Many people have more space in their homes than they actually need. Think about how much you could save by getting somewhere smaller (especially on utilities!).

Some people want their kids to have their own rooms, but I believe that having children share a room builds closer sibling bonds and promotes valuable skills like sharing and compromising.

3. Extend your commute

Residing in a city can be so costly. If you can handle a long drive to work, the savings are amazing for living further away, you get more of a bang for your buck. Living cheap isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it!

4. Raise your deductible

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you can raise your deductible for significant savings. This means you’ll have a higher out-of-pocket cost if anything happens, which is why it’s good to have a savings account.


Hey, hey, hey! Are you tired of feeling like your car is draining your bank account every month? Between gas, insurance, and maintenance, the cost of owning a vehicle can add up fast. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to save money on your vehicle.

5. Groupon

A great place to look for discount oil changes.

6. DIY car maintenance

The most expensive thing at the mechanics is the cost of the service. Search how to do simple things like changing the air filter and headlights yourself.

I usually find an article with step-by-step directions or a video on YouTube. Instead of being charged $25 for the cabin air filter, I bought and changed it myself for $8 (and now I upgraded to a reusable $40 filter).

7. Conduct regular vehicle maintenance

Also make sure to get your oil changes, tire rotations, and everything else done on time. Slacking too much in this department can lead to bigger and more costly repairs.

8. Love your hooptie

Well.. maybe not a hooptie per se, but an older, used car that’s in good condition is better on the budget. Instead of paying $300/ month ($3,600/ year) on a car loan, you can buy a car outright with that amount of money.

Plus, your insurance is also higher when you have a car loan.

9. Wash your own car

Hand washing your car is cheaper as long as you don’t waste water and run up the water bill. I also find that the car is cleaner when I do it myself because I check every nook and cranny.

10. Increase the deductible

Like home insurance, you can also raise your deductible on your car insurance to save money. I did this and saved $25/mo ($300 per year) with USAA. But also occasionally shop around for cheaper rates.


It’s no secret that utilities are a necessary expense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to save some money on them. With a few small sacrifices and some mindful changes, you can reduce your utility costs and keep more money in your pocket each month. After all, every little bit counts!

11. Unplug your electronics

Unplug it all! Even when not in use, your electronics are slowly sucking up electricity. I unplug everything when I’m not using it. From the television down to the toaster.

12. Winter thermostat setting

Keep your thermostat at 68F and wear more clothes for warmth.

13. Summertime thermostat setting

Use fans and open windows for the breeze. If it’s too hot, set your AC to 78-80F

14. Energy-efficient curtains

Better insulation and curtains will help keep the cold weather out. Blackout curtains also keep the sun from punching in during the summer, which gives your AC unit less work to do.

15. Take shorter showers

Have a quick shower instead of a bath. For more savings, have a navy shower. I.e. Turn on the water to get wet then turn it off. Soap up, then rinse off.

Internet & Television

In today’s world, the internet and TV have become essential for most of us, but they can also be a significant expense. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right service at the right price.

Here are some strategies you can use to keep more money in your pocket:

16. Cut the cord on your cable tv

You can have significant savings and live cheaply by not having a TV plan and instead using Netflix, Hulu, or other online streaming services. Philo (at $25/mo.) is one of the cheapest live TV streaming services. You can get a free trial of Philo here.

17. Get a cheaper package

A lot of people are enticed when they hear something is bigger, better, and faster. However, I have one of the cheapest internet plans (30 Mbps) with my provider and it still works great for my family’s needs.

We’re able to run security cameras off of it, stream videos, and play video games.

18. Avoid modem rental fees

Some companies charge so much per month to rent their internet box. One company charges $13 per month ($156/year) to rent theirs. I bought my own and it ends up being cheaper in the long run.

If I switch services, I can take it with me, and if it’s ever not compatible, I can resell it.


Whether you’re an avid texter or a data-hungry user, there are plenty of ways to save money on your cellphone expenses without sacrificing the features you need.

19. Join a family plan to save

Family plans are usually cheaper than paying for a single line. Sharing a plan with someone and splitting the bill can lower the amount you both pay.

20. Skip the upgrade

I can say that we probably all love having the latest technology out. But cheap living is easier when you skip the fancy gadgets. It can save you $20-$40 per month on equipment fees per line.

21. Save with autopay

Companies like T-Mobile will knock off $5 per line.

22. Check for discounts

Some cellphone companies have discounts based on age, student discounts, and where you work.

23. Look for deals

Keep checking for the deals that companies have. They may offer to pay off your line to switch to them or offer free or discount lines and phones. Also, look for companies that have deals on the services you already pay for.

For example, I get Netflix for a great deal with T-Mobile; however, other companies off Amazon Prime memberships, Hulu, Spotify, etc.

24. Military cell phone discounts

T-Mobile: Save with the military discount plans such as Magenta Military ($80 for 2 lines, $100 for 4) and Magenta Military Plus plans ($100 for 2 lines, $140 for 4).

AT&T: Get 25% off AT&T Unlimited starter plans ($90 for 2 lines, $105 for 4) and AT&T Unlimited Premium ($113 for 2, $150 for 4) plans

Verizon: Save money on Verizon military plans with prices as low as $20/line for 4 lines.


I love to cook so saving money on groceries is very important to me. I’ve found ways to spend less than $300 on a grocery budget for 2 adults.

I even have a cheap vegetarian grocery list filled with nutritious foods and meal ideas at a low cost.

25. Buy in bulk!

Buying in larger quantities can usually save you a lot of money; however, sometimes you could also be wasting money.

For example, I can buy a 3 lb bag of baby carrots at Sam’s Club for $4, but I go through them so slowly most of it would spoil. So a 1 lb bag for $1.50 (about $4.50 for 3 lbs) at a store like Walmart would actually save me from wasting money.

I prefer to buy non-perishables and foods with a long shelf life. I also like to buy meats cheaper in bulk, separate them into smaller quantities, then freeze them.

Military Benefits – Military members and their families get great deals on a Costco membership and other warehouse clubs!
Sam’s Club – Join or renew your membership and get a $10 gift card.
Costco – Join as a new member and a $20 shop card.
BJ’s Wholesale Club
– Join for 25% off your membership.

26. Save money on drinking water

With the Berkey water filter system, you can save thousands compared to buying bottled water.

27. Have meatless meals

I know, I know, it seems hard. But cutting down on the amount of meat you have to buy can significantly cut your food budget. Right now I spend about $40-ish dollars on meat per month (but that includes wild salmon).

28. Pay attention to serving sizes

Not only does this cut down on how fast you go through items and have to rebuy them, but it can also help you be healthier and lose weight (I lost 20 lbs. in 3 months).

29. Start couponing

I’m a failure at couponing myself, but the people who do it the best are so great that they end up getting money back from the store. One lady gets so much money back on gift cards that she uses them for family trips to Disney.

30. Save money by meal planning

Plan out what you need for your meals and stick to the list. Impulse buys add up a lot! Here are some Cheap Meals Under $10 for 6 People. Meal planning has also helped us to only buy the groceries we need and stop wasting food.

31. Never shop when you’re hungry

Seriously! I find myself picking up things I don’t need because the hunger monster is in control.

Daily Living

Aside from the previous categories, there are many ways to save money as you go about your day-to-day life. Here are a few of them:

32. Use credit cards wisely

If you know how to use a credit card, you know that carrying a balance causes interest charges.

To avoid extra fees, only buy what you can pay off at the end of every billing cycle. This will save you money and increase your credit score as well!

33. Stop going to coffee shops

When living frugally, you might have to give up a few things like daily coffee runs. But you can make your own coffee at home to drastically cut costs.

I bought 2 reusable K-cup filters at the store and you just have to fill them with coffee and pop it in the machine.

My bag of coffee is $10 for the month and the creamer is $4. That’s $14 per month versus $10 for 5 days at Starbucks!

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34. Cook more and in larger quantities

Take leftovers for lunch instead of buying lunch for $5 a day ($25/ week, $100/month) and they also make for quick meals instead of eating out.

35. Buy generic medicine

Don’t be afraid to buy the store brand that compares to the name-brand medication. The FDA only allows for a small variation in generic medications to the effects will be very similar.

36. DIY pest control

Save money by trying these DIY pest control methods. The product I recommend for roaches is professional strength and remedies infestations quickly! Plus, it’s only around $25!

37. Avoid eating out

Try to set a limit on how much you eat out per week. Just once less can save you a lot over time.

38. Buy second hand

Whether it’s clothes or furniture. You can save a lot by buying them used. I have a great wood table that I bought very cheaply on OfferUp and I’ve had it for 4 years so far.

39. Cancel your gym membership

Some gyms charge so much money! To save, you can follow free exercise videos online.

Buying your used equipment for a home gym is also a cheaper option.

40. Saving money with children

Kids grow out of their clothes so fast! Save money by buying used clothes and shopping at discount stores.


There are many ways to save money and live cheaper if you’re creative and try different strategies.

Be sure to check back on this list for any updates. As I discover new ways to cut everyday expenses in my own life, I’ll be sure to keep adding them here. Share your ideas of how to be cheap below!

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  1. You have a really pleasant writing style Martina. Pleased to report that I do all the things you recommend. A really fun read.

  2. 1) Mint mobile – pay upfront for the year and it’s $15 a month without having to get a family plan!

    2) no disposables, which is also better for the earth. I use cloth napkins, rags, etc instead of paper towels, and old dog food bags or others for trash bags. Cloth snap diapers and flannel reusable wipes for kids.

    3) vinegar and baking soda or dish soap for cleaning

    4) cut my own hair

    5) camp when traveling

    6) make your own trendy food products (kombucha for like a dime, artisan sauerkraut s, kefir, yogurt, etc)

  3. Really good, practical tips.
    I do most of them already!
    When spending money: It’s not what you make, but what you KEEP…that counts.


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