Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts: Impress On A Budget!

Cupid’s bow is twanging and love is in the air!

While you may be rich in love, your pockets may be a bit empty. So here are some cheap Valentine’s Day gifts to show the person you love that you care without going completely broke!

Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts to show you care

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How to Plan Valentine’s Day on a Budget

They say that “you can’t buy love”, and it’s really true! If two people truly love each other, it isn’t the amount of money that matters, it’s how they care for each other.

Yes, that is the secret to unlocking your love’s heart! Above all else, show that you care and their happiness really matters to you. If they are the right person for you to be with, that is what will count.

Here are some ideas that can help you show them you care this Valentine’s Day while sticking to your budget:

Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas to impress

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrate love without breaking the bank with these budget-friendly date ideas that are sure to create lasting memories.

1. Picnic

All you need is an inexpensive blanket, make some sandwiches, and buy a bottle of apple cider. Most of these items can be picked up at a dollar store.

2. Movie Night

Set up a cut movie night with blankets, popcorn,  and pillows in front of the tv. You can buy their favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy.

Movie date night snacks setup

3. Board Games

Enjoy quality time together and play games that the two of you enjoy; you could even make it sensual! For example: Try writing things on your Jenga blocks that they must do once pulled out such as taking off a clothing item.

How to be Romantic with No Money

Even if you have absolutely no money to spare, there are still ways to show your honey that you care.

1. Sensual Massage

Is your loved one always tired after a long day of work? What better way is there to show them you care than a nice, relaxing massage. You could also run them a nice bath.

2. Love letter (Poem or Song)

Be vulnerable and express all your tender feelings in a letter, poem, or song. It’s a beautiful and romantic gesture to give someone.

3. Pick Wildflowers

Wildflowers are free to pick, as long as the area isn’t restricted, and some are even beautiful! Just be sure to check that the bugs are gone!

4. Cook dinner (or breakfast)

Treat your loved one to a homemade dinner. Dim the lights, set out candles, and pull out their chair. Make it a 5-star experience on the low!

Valentine's day breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes and bananas, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with a cut-out heart filled with egg.
This was my attempt at a Valentine’s Day breakfast surprise! I also made muffins!

5. Take care of all the chores

Help your sweetheart relax by taking care of the chores around the home. Sometimes, nothing is better than laying back to relax while everything is being taken care of for you. 

6. Homemade coupon booklet

Create coupons that they can “cash in” at any time for different favors. Favors can include things such as a massage, washing the dishes, a special move in the bed, or anything else!

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Surprise your special guy without emptying your wallet by exploring these affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas designed to delight and show your affection.

1. Character Mug

2. Keychain

3. Romantic Game

4. Whisky Stones

Cheap Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Discover heartfelt and affordable ways to make her smile with this curated list of inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will make her feel cherished and loved.

These gifts are all currently under $25

1. Love Keychain

2. Cute Mug

3. Colorful Rose

4. Flower Bear

DIY Valentine Gifts

I love DIY gifts! Btw, I also have a post of cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts that you can make yourself!

The best DIY gifts are ones that you personalize based on what the receiver likes.

You could:

  • Make a gift basket of their favorite treats
  • Custom clothing item
  • Draw your own Valentine’s Day card (maybe with candy attached)

Regardless of what you do, just keep your loved one in mind and do something that you think they’ll like. Even if it’s a cheap Valentine’s Day gift, the amount of care and energy that you put into making your significant other happy will certainly shine through!

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