What Is The Expiration Date On A Debit Card?

You’ve probably noticed that your debit card has a “valid thru” date on the front (or back). You might even be annoyed by having to switch card payment details in your accounts when you get a new card. However, the expiration date has a few significant purposes.

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Debit Card Expiry Date

The valid thru date on a debit card tells the month and year that it will expire. This expiration date is usually located on the front of the card above the cardholder’s name. The date is typically formatted as XX/XX (or MM/YY) and can be used through the end of the month shown.

For example, a debit card expiration date of 07/29 would be valid until July 31st, 2029. You should automatically get a new debit card in the mail when it expires if you still have an active account with your financial institution.

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Why do debit cards expire?

Debit cards expire every few years for fraud prevention, to update with new technology, and to keep the card in good condition. Debit cards expire as often as every 2 to 5 years.

1. Fraud Prevention

Requiring an expiration date to process a transaction is a way to prevent card fraud. Including the date is a way to legitimize the purchase when a person steals your debit card number but they do not have the other required information.

2. New Technology

When your debit card expires, you get sent a new card with all of the latest technology. Just a few years ago, cards could only be swiped at the register. Then, they were updated to chips that can be inserted 

3. Debit Card Condition

Debit cards are made of tough plastic, but they are not impervious to damage. I’ve had cards that got so scratched up that they wouldn’t work in a card reader. By getting a replacement every few years, hopefully, you will get a new card before it becomes so damaged it’s unusable. 


Where is the expiration date on a debit card?

The expiration date on a debit card is usually on the front by the cardholder’s name; however, it may also be found on the back.

When a debit card expires is it at the end of the month?

Yes, the date a debit card is valid until is the last day of the month written on the card.

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