6 Reasons Why Saving Money Is Pointless

It’s absolutely crazy how everyone always talks about the “importance” of saving money for the future. Where is the spontaneity in that? What should you save for? How can you live life to the fullest if you’re worried about money all the time? Is saving money pointless? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t save money and here are just a few of them:

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1. You absolutely love living on the edge.

Life is really a rush when you have to scramble to come up with the money for your bills. Will you go broke today? Tomorrow? Next week? Who knows!

2. You need more exercise.

You bought a brand new Mercedes Benz and can barely afford the payments. Life happens and you missed a few, so they’re coming to repossess your car.

But that’s great, now you can follow your new year’s resolution to get in better shape. Don’t forget your umbrella for when it rains! If you can afford it…

3. You love waking up to nature.

You lost your job and have no savings to cover the bills for a while. But that’s okay, losing your home and sleeping in the car is great. What could be better than waking up to the birds chirping and horns blasting?

4. You don’t plan on ever getting old.

Congrats! You must have found the fountain of youth. Who needs to save for retirement when your young and spry body will be able to work hard and keep burning that midnight oil well after your 80s.

5. You love to converse.

Some people find debt collectors pesky, but you don’t understand why. You love those daily phone calls. Especially when you’re feeling a bit down and lonely, they brighten up your day.

6. You love to “pay later”.

Is saving your money really worth it when you can always get more on credit? There are probably 5 credit cards in your wallet just screaming to be loved.

Many businesses also have the option to make installments. So why worry about having the money now when you can always come up with it later?


Does this sound like the way to live or what? Who needs to worry about the consequences of not saving money?

Or are you going to stick to your little budgets and save money? Let me know if you have any more great reasons not to save below.

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