7 Ways To Stack Your Money

Cartoon money stacks with title text overlaid

I have lived my whole life stacking my dollars and acting broke. That’s why I’ve never actually been unable to afford what I need and am financially secure. It’s not about literally acting like you are broke but being mindful of how money is spent. It’s about being conscious when spending money so you can … Read more

Squirrel Away Money For The “Winter”

Squirrel image and money falling with title overlaid

If anything, these last few years have taught us why it’s important to squirrel away money while you can. Squirrels save food during the months when it’s plenty so that they can survive in the winter months of scarcity. Likewise, this phrase is an idiom about doing the same with money. Save money and “squirrel … Read more

Cheap Moving Supplies List

Items wrapped in brown paper for moving and title text of Cheap Moving Supplies

Here it is again, our 5th move in just as many years. I’ve picked up some knowledge along the way and I want to share it with you along with my inexpensive moving supplies list. A lot of these cheap packing supplies can be found in the store, but I will also show you the … Read more

8 Ideas For A Wonderful Christmas With No Money

Lighted Christmas tree at night with overlaid title: Christmas with no money

Thinking about having a Christmas with no money puts a damper on the festive spirit. However, there are many creative ways to celebrate the holidays with little to no money. Keep reading to see ways to celebrate for free and Christmas gift ideas. This post may contain affiliate links as a way to support the … Read more