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Christmas Savings Plan: 5 Tips + Free Printable

Let the countdown begin! Christmas is coming up soon, and what a great way to celebrate surviving the year. Let’s spread Love, Joy, and Cheer! 

‘Tis not the season to be in debt, so get ready for the holidays by using this Christmas savings plan and tips. The earlier you can get started saving for Christmas, the better off your pockets will be.

Here’s how to save money for Christmas in advance:

Saving for Christmas 

The holidays should be a time of cheer, not stress. You can have a good Christmas on a budget by following these tips.

1. Budget throughout the year

If you already have the money set aside, it won’t feel like such a burden. 

Set a savings goal for Christmas and plan for it in your monthly budget. You can create a special savings account for it, or keep the money in a piggy bank. Just $10 every month would give you $120 for the year. If you save $10 every week for 52 weeks, that’s $520! 

Where can you cut back to make this happen?

2. Look for deals year-round

The holidays are not always the best time to go shopping. Some stores even mark up prices a few months before, then lower them to make customers think they are getting a great deal.

One pro tip is to take advantage of all the sales throughout the year and set aside the presents in a safe place. And why not take advantage of after-Christmas sales for decorations and gift sets? 75% off?! Cha-ching!

3. Make DIY Gifts

DIY gifts are a great way to save money, they’re cheap but can look so wonderful. In fact, here are a bunch of thoughtful DIY gifts you could make. Some are made with dollar store supplies and do not look cheap AT ALL.

Think about it… How would your loved one like a personalized gift basket with peppermint oreo treats, Christmas gin, homemade lemon-scented soap, etc?

4. Don’t fret!

If you’ve waited too late to start saving and you hear those jingle bells starting to jingle, don’t fret! You can still come up with the money for the holidays with these quick changes.

  1. Pick up a side hustle that can bring in some extra money.
  2. Sell some things that you don’t need anymore online.
  3. Give up some things for a while. For example, if you budget $100 for entertainment every month, you could skip going out.

And for more help, here are some unique gifts under $50 that you can buy online. 

5. Value traditions over gifts

Christmas shouldn’t be all about money. Instead of buying presents, share memorable experiences with your loved ones. 

In my family, we have started to do just this. What’s better than wearing candy cane pajamas, having fun playing games, watching Christmas movies, and eating snacks?

Christmas Savings Challenge

Having a plan is a good way to start saving for Christmas. That’s why I’ve created these free weekly Christmas savings plan printables. Just click to download the PDF below.