Locating The Routing Number On A Check

I used to always wonder what that long string of numbers on the bottom of a check was, and you might have as well. It is made up of your account number, routing number, and check number. So if you need to locate your routing number on a check, here’s how you do it.

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How To Find The Routing Number

To begin with, the routing number or ABA routing transit number is a nine-digit code used to identify the financial institution that the check comes from. Routing numbers are also used at other times to send or receive money through direct deposits, wire transfers, bill payments, etc.

Sample showing the routing number on a check

That string of numbers on the bottom of a check is called the MICR line. It is made up of first the routing number, followed by the bank account number, then the number of the check.

In the image above, the 9-digit routing number is circled in red.

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Another way to find your routing number without a check is by checking your account, your bank statement, or the financial institution’s website. I have also provided a few in the posts linked below.

List of a few bank’s routing numbers:

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