10 Strategies For Saving Money On Deployment

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Going on deployment is never easy for a military member or the loved ones left behind. Being sent thousands of miles away from friends and family can bring additional stress to an already stressful occupation, especially with limited communication. However, one potential benefit is saving money on deployment and setting yourself up for financial freedom. … Read more

All About Military Pay Dates And More

Whether you are new to the military life are not, there are probably some questions that you have about military pay dates, entitlements, and deductions. How else can you budget if you don’t know how much you make? Here, I will explain some of the basics of military pay and more! This post may contain … Read more

The SCRA Military Benefit

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Today, I want to shine a spotlight on a mighty piece of legislation that stands tall in the realm of military benefits—the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Now, I know what you’re thinking, “SCRA? Is that some fancy naval term?” Well, not quite, but it does provide a lifeline of protections and benefits for our … Read more